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Nayatel Offers Unlimited Home Internet Packages in Rawalpindi/Islamabad

Hi there, anther day and another story to share with all my followers. As you might already know, I live in Rawalpindi and am proud user of Nayatel services. I have been using them as ISP for about 5+ years now and definitely recommend their services to anyone interested.

Recently I noticed that they now offer several more unlimited packages for customers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That said, Nayatel now offer speeds of up to 100 mbps with unlimited data volume.

Here are the list of all new packages for home customers of Nayatel in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

  • Unlimited 30 Package: This package offers 30mbps speed round the clock with unlimited downloads at 3299 per month. Make it 109.96 rupees per 1 Mbps.
  • Unlimited 50 Package: This package offers 50mbps speed round the clock with unlimited downloads at 4999 per month. Narrow down to 99.98 rupees per 1 Mbps
  • Unlimited 70 Package: This package offers 70mbps speed round the clock with unlimited downloads at 7299 per month. We can say 104.27 rupees per1 Mbps.
  • Unlimited 100 Package: This package offers 100mbps speed round the clock with unlimited downloads at 9999 per month. We may calculate as 99.99 per 1 M,bps per month.

Please keep in mind that unlimited doesn’t mean that no limit on volume. There is definitely a cap and the Nayatel have set following caps on packages as per slab.

  • Consumers are granted 1 TB data with Unlimited 10, Unlimited 15, Unlimited 20 and Unlimited 30 Packages.
  • Consumers are granted 1.5 TB data with Unlimited 50 Package.
  • Consumers are granted 2 TB data with Unlimited 70 and Unlimited 100 Package.

Looking at the above package details and my calculations, the best package speed wise is of course 100 Mbps but in terms of pricing the best package in my view is 50 Mbps.

You may now consider your choice based on your requirements. Many people consider speed over cost while other favor opposite. My choice will go to 50Mbps as it offers good speed and a bit lower price compared to other packages. 😉