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What is Web Development in my View

Dec 30, 2020 | Programming | 0 comments

There may be many definitions for the Web and then web development. I have my own thinking style and I might have some different method to illustrate the web. Some experts may disagree but that’s how the world of web is.

In my view the “web” is same as the threads constructed by a spider but is much more wider in size and scope than that of spider’s web. In simple words web is huge or rather we can call it massive as it covers a whole world (or maybe outside of our world too? 😉 ). This is the reason why you see globe icon often being used to illustrate web.

While “development” is the process we execute to make up the “web”. This development process can be small as well as large depending on your web requirements. You can be part of the web and can make it increase by size through development process. Development can be with any tool and in any language of your choice. Its your brain that makes all the difference.

If we combine both words “web development” – it defines possibility that the web cam be developed in many ways. There may be flight of tools that we use and we can speak different languages as well as per our knowledge. You may call web development a process that helps you develop web for your client and for personal gains as needed.

In future article I will explain what makes a web so large? How you can contribute and how benefited the people will be with your invented website? Notice I used a new word “website”, will explain that too. That’s the main reason why we are here. 🙂


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