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Using File Transfer Protocol Client to Transfer Files

Feb 7, 2021 | Programming | 0 comments

Hi everyone, in this blog post, I will try to explain FileZilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, its usages and its features. After reading this you will be able to add, upload or update files on your website file storage with FTP client.
Filezilla client is widely popular and have some great features that you require the most to manage your files inventory. You can upload files to your web server easily, smoothly and efficiently with FileZilla FTP client software. Lets go further in to this blog post, and do basic installation of this client before understanding its features.

  • First step is to download the FileZilla Client from it’s official website. Please follow the link https://wiki.filezilla-project.org/ (Download the “FileZilla Client” installer version) to download. Always download from trusted websites to avoid viruses etc.
  • Now run the installer exe file to install Filezilla FTP client on Windows OS.
  • Accept the user agreement after reading it (if asked for).
  • Set if you wanted to allow all users on this computer to run this program or for your own use only.
  • In the next, step choosing components may vary by users choice. I would go with default options and will also mark the desktop icon check-box. (so that it creates a desktop icon as well for me, convenient! 🙂 )
  • Then you will need to select install location, keep it default as well.
  • The next setup process will ask for start menu placement customization. Keep it default as well.
  • After the last step, software installation process should start and it will install and add a desktop icon for you to start filezilla FTP client software.

Now that we have installed the filezilla client to our windows machine. Let’s move on to start using it. The setup may be changed in the latest releases. Here is the screenshot of the UI I am using right now.

Filezilla UI Screenshot with Section Details
  • Run FileZilla by double clicking FileZilla icon from desktop.
  • Now, you will need account details for your web server FTP account. You will need “Hostname” for the web access. Usually this is your main website address. You will also need “Username” and “Password” for the FTP account. The credentials data is provided by host when you create an account with them. You may add details above as like in the below screenshot.
Filezilla login screenshot
  • If your account details are correct, you will see list of your files and folders saved in your web server in the 5th panel (see picture above).
  • To upload files you can simply use 4th panel. Navigate to the file which you wanted to upload and double click the file to upload. You may also upload several files at once.
  • To download file from web server to your computer, simply navigate to file in 5th panel and double click the file to download.
  • You may see status of your file upload or download through the 6th panel.
  • The 3rd panel is simply log of commands that you are issuing. Actually it’s quite handy as it will let you know if there is an issue and also which command caused the issue.

I think now you know what is a FTP client and how to install it and use it to upload or download files from your web server. At this moment, lets look at Filezilla FTP client features to better understand what it can do for web developers in general.

  • It allows file transfer between web server and your PC.
  • It is fast and reliable. Easy to use, lightweight.
  • It can save unlimited sites account in site manager to quickly access them later.
  • Features a pause and resume system while transfer is in process. Handy in case you want to stop process for any reason.

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