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I Decided to Share my Programming Knowledge

Dec 6, 2020 | Programming | 0 comments

I have been working as a programmer for over a decade now. I like how it all went over the years. I enjoy recalling how I got good results and often bad times in the past help me succeed in the present. For many programming can be cruel and many enjoy it like a hobby.

People around me ask how did all went fine for you? How did you got successful? What do we need to do to learn this art? What makes you feel good about programming? Why is it so tuff to learn and so on. My one word answer to all these questions is simple “hard-work”.

I recall how I didn’t sleep the whole night just for sake of learning the language. I also recall when I didn’t sleep for 2 days in a row to complete a task. It is tuff for sure when you need to find a single typo in 1000 lines of of code with using no IDE tool at all. As I said cruel but can be done easily if you have passion.

A lot of questions got asked from me about my profession each new day. To answer all of the questions and to everyone at the same time; I decided to write them up in form of blog posts. This way I will be able to help the community and not just few people around me. You will get regular posts related to programming and my thoughts here on this blog.

Also, anyone of you may ask questions through the comment section below. I’d try to answer most of them. It makes it much more organized for me and easiest for you to reach out to me. I’d appreciate if fellow programmer can answer questions if I am not available. As they say “programming can be understood more by sharing your experience with others”.

My method of writting & sharing code will be very simple. I might consider syntax highlighting as well as any direct code file sharing. It will depend on project we will be working on for learning. I will try not to share same code again and again so try to bear with me on that. In my view writing code more than once is just not required as you can reference the old code. During the process I will share my experiences and how I tackled that.

Overall, I think it will be fun learning together. We will create plenty of projects together and we will fix many of the problems. You will get to know my experiences and in return I might get happiness. Happiness is the best reward one should get. So be happy all the times and keep visiting for more such insights.


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